Thank you for your interest in Hillcrest Kettlebells! We offer outdoor in-person personal training, Zoom personal training, and Zoom group classes.


In-Person Personal Training Cost 

The first two personal training sessions are offered at a reduced rate of $55 per session. After that, the rates are outlined below.

$70 per 45 minute session

$325 for five 45 minute sessions

$600 for ten 45 minute sessions

Zoom Personal Training Cost

The first Zoom Personal Training Session is free. After that, the cost is $50 per 45 minute session

Zoom Group Class Cost

$140 for 10 classes​

$260 for 20 classes​

To ensure your safety and lay a foundation for proper technique, we require all new clients to participate in two personal training sessions before joining one of our group classes. Foundational kettlebell exercises such as the Deadlift, One and Two Hand Swing, Goblet Squat, Clean and Press, and Lunges are taught during two 60-minute personal training sessions. Due to Covid-19, we are offering in-person personal training sessions outdoors. These two introductory sessions are offered at a reduced rate of $55 per session. If you aren’t living in San Diego, these two sessions are offered over Zoom. The first Zoom session is free, and the second is $50. If you’ve trained with an HKC, RKC, or SFG instructor, you don’t need to take the personal training sessions before taking the group classes.

Zoom Group Class Schedule – All classes are 45 minutes. Owner Farrah Lin teaches all the Zoom classes.

 Day  Morning Classes  Afternoon/Evening Class
 Monday  12:00 pm
 Tuesday 6:45 am  5:30 pm
 Wednesday  12:00 pm
 Thursday 6:45 am  5:30 pm
 Friday 6:45 am                12:00 pm
 Sunday 8:30 am  

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