The Kettlebell FAQ page answers the most popular questions asked about kettlebells.  Gain a better understanding of the workout.

KBiconWhat is a kettlebell? 

A kettlebell is a cannonball with a handle.  The kettlebell handle is offset from the kettlebells center of mass.  This requires you to use all of your stabilizing muscles in order to hold onto the bell.  A kettlebell that is the same weight as a dumbbell requires more work to stabilize it.  The kettlebell is one of the best tools to improve strength, power, conditioning, flexibility and.  Kettlebell training is one of the best ways to lose fat.  Our kettlebells range in weight from 4lbs to 114lbs.

KBiconWhat is the history of kettlebells?

Kettlebells came to Russia in the 18th century.  Kettlebells were used in ancient Greece.  Valery brought kettlebell sport to the U.S. and Pavel brought hard-style – his own style of kettlebell training to the U.S. For both this is in 1999.

ŸKBiconWhy is kettlebell training so effective?

You combine your strength and cardio in one workout.  You can work your strength and cardio within 30-45 minutes instead of 1-2 hours and you get twice the results.  With kettlebell training you are not working one body part at a time, you are working your entire body with each exercise.

 KBiconWhat types of people train with kettlebells?

Men and women of various ages and fitness levels.  At Hillcrest Kettlebells we train athletes, college students, professionals with desk jobs, and grandmas and grandpas!

ŸKBiconWhy is strength training so important?

If you have more muscle, your metabolism is higher so its easier to burn fat and lose weight.

ŸKBiconWhy train at Hillcrest Kettlebells?

Class size is capped at 7 people.  Class size is typically 4-7 people so you are essentially getting personal training in a small group setting.  Owners Farrah and George Lin are present at all of the classes so you wont have various trainers training you that aren’t familiar with your strengths and movement restrictions.      

ŸKBiconI haven’t worked out in years, is kettlebell training right for me?

Yes!  During two intro one-on-one training sessions, Farrah will assess your movement and teach you the main kettlebell exercises with your fitness level in mind.  This is why the first two training sessions are one-on-one instead of in a group setting.  Farrah will also give you homework so that you can maximize your kettlebell experience.

ŸKBiconI like to zone out when I workout.  I don’t like to be mentally engaged when I workout.  Will kettlebell training be right for me?

Kettlebells does take mental concentration in the sense you always want to be aware of your form and performance.  Part of the wonderful thing about training with kettlebells is that it is mentally engaging this helps the time go by fast!

ŸKBiconI prefer personal training.  Does Hillcrest Kettlebells offer personal training and how does personal training differ from classes? 

Yes!  We offer personal training anytime that we don’t have classes.  Each personal training client is personally assessed and their workouts are individually tailored to attack their weakness and reach their individual goal.

ŸKBiconWhy don’t you offer a monthly fee for unlimited classes?

Our classes are capped at 7 people and we don’t want to overfill our classes so that we can ensure that each client gets individual attention.  This is also more economical for you so that you can attend other fitness studios without breaking the bank.  Also, if you are sick or go on vacation, you will not be paying for a gym membership that you can’t use.  Other studios use the monthly fee in order to lock clients in and get their money even if they aren’t using the facility.  And the class packs don’t expire!

ŸKBiconI prefer to train at home can you help me?

Yes, although you will need to do personal training sessions in studio until your form is correct.  Once you have achieved that goal you can practice kettlebells at home.  Keep in mind you will have to purchase your own kettlebells and as your strength increases you will have to purchase heavier kettlebells.

KBiconI would like to get certified to teach kettlebells can you help?

Yes, we have trained 7 people for the HKC and they all passed!  We trained two people for the RKC and they both passed.  One went on to get certified in SFG level 2.  Farrah assisted the RKC in 2010 and studied under master SFG Brett Jones for two years after giving birth.

KBiconCan you train with kettlebells during and after pregnancy?

If you trained kettlebells prior to pregnancy, you can definitely continue training with kettlebells throughout your pregnancy unless your physician says otherwise.  You can resume kettlebell training 6 weeks after giving birth with your doctors approval.

ŸKBiconI play sports, can kettlebells help my performance?

Yes, kettlebells will help improve your strength and endurance both necessary for sports performance.

ŸKBiconHow often should I train with kettlebells if I would like to loose weight? 

3-4 times per week with minimal dietary changes.  If you are unable to train with kettlebells 3-4 times per week you will need to make more dietary changes.  Here is an excellent resource for diet info

ŸKBiconHow often should I train with kettlebells if I would like to improve my strength and conditioning?

2-3 times per week.