Kettlebells Training and Group Classes

Hillcrest Kettlebells offers kettlebell private, couples, and group training sessions.  Hillcrest Kettlebells trainers Farrah and George Lin are Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC).  We train beginner, intermediate, and advanced clients.  Our current clients range from ages 19 to 66.  We provide a safe, non-intimidating environment for our clients to safely and correctly train with kettlebells.

Researchers found that people who did 20-minute kettlebell workouts burned almost 300 calories.  When you factor in the muscle-sculpting impact (the calories burned after you exercise as your body repairs its muscle fibers), the total expenditure could increase by up to 50 percent.  Kettlebells also make traditional dumbbell moves more challenging.  Their weight isn’t evenly distributed, so your stabilizer muscles have to work harder.  Add definition to your shoulders and back; tone your butt, core, and arms; and shed a few sizes.





Hillcrest Kettlebells Group Class

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